Engineered timber flooring is an exciting alternative to solid hardwood flooring.

This process basically is a sandwiched layer of finish timber and plywood. The timber is what you see and walk on. The plywood is underneath the finished timber (around 80-90% of the floor). It’s the plywood that distinguishes engineered timber flooring from solid hardwood. Each ply runs perpendicular to its adjacent ply, giving dimensional strength to the sandwiched layers. This means that engineered timber flooring stands up well to areas with light moisture such as a basement, kitchen and bathrooms.

Another great thing about engineered timber is the range of installation options. The thinner varieties can be nailed down whereas the thicker varieties can be installed as floating floors. No heavy staplers to lug around and no sub-floor is required. As long as your existing floor is level and stable, you can install your new floating floor right on top.

Timber veneer (Engineered timber floor top layer) is a natural product that is manufactured from the slicing of very thin sheets off a log/tree. These slices are approximately 0.4 to 0.6mm in thickness.These thin layers of timber are then adhered to a solid based structure such as plywood. Timber veneer has the warm, rich beauty and individuality of natural timber.


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